FGV TEN1 Drawer Organiser

The FGV TEN1 Drawer Organiser is the perfect way to manage drawer space and avoid clutter. They can be installed individually to customise drawer format.

  • Suitable for 180mm High Drawer
  • Individually Purchased so Multiple Variations can be achieved
  • Simple Clip On Bracket
  • 1100mm Bars so any Width can be Achieved

Product Details

Additional information

Drawer Width Qty Drawer Width Qty Drawer Width Qty
250mm 8 450mm 3 700mm 1
300mm 6 500mm 2 800mm 1
350mm 4 550mm 2 900mm 1
400mm 3 600mm 2 1000mm 1
Code Description Colour
1330627 Rectangular Upper Rail – 1100mm Light Grey
1330628 Rectangular Lower Rail – 1080mm Light Grey
1330628 Plastic Flap Light Grey
1330630 Connecting Bracket Light Grey