FGV TEN1 Light Grey Standard Softclose Drawer (Not Assembled)

This FGV TEN1 Soft-Close Drawer features a round railing and a heavy load capacity. They offer full sliding extension and slow-motion damping.



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Code Description Pattern
1330880 FGV Drawers Side, 90mm High, 450mm Right Hand Light Grey
1330881 FGV Drawer Side, 90mm High, 450mm Left Hand Light Grey
1330946 FGV TEN2 Drawer Side, Left Hand Light Grey
1330947 FGV TEN2 Drawer Side, Right Hand Light Grey
1330898 FGV Drawer Front Clips, Set Light Grey
1330899 FGV Side Cover Caps Grey
1330896 FGV 90mm High Drawer Back Clips Set Light Grey