Acrylic Caulk

Paracryl has been specially developed to seal and fill joints with limited mobility such as Joints, seams and liquid-tight joints of door and window frames, window sills, staircases, skirting boards, walls, ceilings and plasterboards. It’s also suitable to seal cracks and splits in walls. Due to its formula, the product is appropriate for sealing narrow joints and small cracks. Suitable for all porous surfaces (wood, stone, concrete, plaster etc.) and metal, ceramic tiles and hard PVC.

  • 310ml Tube
  • Quick Drying
  • Once Dried Can be Painted
  • Multiple Colours Available

Product Details

Additional information

Code Description
2247835 White Acrylic Caulk
2238107 Brown Acrylic Caulk
2224402 Magnolia Acrylic Caulk