In the market for alternative openings, the focus is currently high end mechanisms. AeroWing a concept as a simple and effective alternative. Based around a strong and secure mechanism able to provide three solutions with one product. Opening with freehold door in every position, freewheel door with SlowMotion final closing silent and controlled, flapstay door with break.



AeroWing system is incredibly affordable. The system works perfectly well and with an absolute right cost it provides many applications for the furniture of all the whole house.

AeroWing deploys showroom efficiency with very simple means. The functionality is convincing, the showroom effect is exciting and the economic coherence is profit-boosting.

Product Advantages: 

 Symmetrical mechanism for a smart assembly
• Adjustable for doors up to 20kg weight
• Perfect stay in every position
• 32mm standard cabinet drilling
• Combined with SlowMotion hinges, it confers a perfect movement